Us for Them- Week 7

Lisa Hensley   -  


  • The Outreach Department will be leading a short-term mission trip to Uganda where they will partner with Sports Outreach. The trip is November 3-13th and you can apply at this link.
  • The Mission of God class is open for registration! Sign up here.


Go around the group and share which of the core values have been the most meaningful so far. Share prayer requests and pray for one another.


One of the first things God did after He created people was to bless them and instruct them to multiply. Despite the fact that sin entered the world and often it was sin that spread instead of God’s image, God never changed His mind. This same theme of multiplication continues across the Bible.

We too are called to participate in multiplication. We want to multiply followers of Jesus both locally and globally. There are a lot of off-ramps to the road of multiplication however. Sometimes we are uninformed that this is our calling. Other times we don’t want to give up comfort in order to be part of the multiplication.

Discussion Questions

  1. Were you aware that multiplication was something God’s people are called to?
  2. How are you participating in multiplication?


Psalm 46:10 Be Still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in all the earth. 

Go around the group and discuss the following questions.

-How often are you still to reflect on God?
-What is one simple way that you can implement that into your life?
-Do you participate in God being exalted in your neighborhood? Among the nations?
-How does our reflection on who God is connect to God’s exaltation in the world?

Practice for the week

  • Consider joining the Mission of God class if you would like to learn more about God’s work in the world. You can sign up for that with this link.
  • Go for a prayer walk in your neighborhood. Walk and pray for discernment for what God is doing and where you are invited to participate.


Pray for the team from the church who are in Sri Lanka this week spreading the good news of Jesus.