We Believe You Are Better Together

Here at Waymaker.Church, we are called to be a renewed community for New Testament marriages to form, heal and thrive, so the tide will turn on the family collapse of our times. We believe that marriage is a picture of the Gospel, the covenant between God and His people. Our God is a covenant God; the Bible is a covenant book; and we are a covenant people. And when the Bible refers to marriage, it’s the same type of relationship we’re told to carry out. Marriage is more than a contract; it is a calling. It is a calling that says, “I’m never leaving, no matter what happens and no matter what you do. Even when you don’t deserve it, I’m not leaving.” That’s the beauty of God’s relationship towards us; He never leaves us.


Don't let your marriage go on autopilot.

We believe we are better together than we are apart, but it takes Spirit-led obedience, intentionality, and humility to build a marriage that thrives. Chuck Rogers (LPC LMFT) will be joining us and teaching the Gottman Institute 7 Principles Program. The Better Together Conference will take place on the evening of February 11th and all day on February 12th.

The cost is $99 per couple for in-person. (This price includes the Gottman Institute content for you and your spouse, Chick-fil-A lunch, and more.) The Virtual Experience is $75.



Marriage Mentorship

Marriage Mentoring: Our marriage mentors offer guidance for married couples who are struggling through a season of trial and stress.

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This class helps you build core values as a family, navigate finances, and how to communicate effectively. Covenant is an eight-week class that helps engaged and married couples build a foundation that lasts.

Covenant will launch again in 2022.
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