Every day a growing number of children wake up wondering where they will sleep, what they will eat, and who, if anyone, will love and care for them. Mosaic is our local response to Adopt, Foster, and Serve the often-forgotten children in our community. Currently we partner with Bedford County, Campbell County, and the Greater Lynchburg area.


To see every child experience the love of God in the context of family.


To raise awareness and provide support for foster and adoptive children and their families.

"Thank you for the support you give to our foster community- you have overwhelmed me with generosity as I foster a little guy. The unexpected card in the mail at Christmas time with a gift inside was heartwarming and appreciated. Thank you for all you do to serve us!"

"Thank you!! We were blessed by your ministry. May God continue to bless this ministry and everyone involved. You don't know how much your ministry has made the transition know how much your ministry has made the transition for so many kiddos and foster families a lot easier. Not just by the meals, but also the kind words of encouragement given when the deliveries are made."

"Love, love, love the people of Waymaker [Church] Mosaic!! Thank you!!"