Since 2013, we have launched the new year with a 21-day corporate fast where we abstain from food for a spiritual purpose to deepen our spiritual hunger and pray at a different and deeper level. Every year, we hear and receive something new from God during the fast that creates a heart of desperation for God as we start the new year. This year, the fast starts on January 6 and continues until the end of the day on January 26.

Our Vision for 2020

In her book The Gospel Comes with a Housekey, Rosario Butterfield paints a picture:

“Imagine a world where neighbors said that Christians throw the best parties in town and are the go-to people for big problems and issues, without being invited. Imagine a world where every Christian knew his neighbors sufficiently to be of earthly and spiritual good. Imagine a world where every Christian knew by name people who lived in poverty or prison, felt tied to them and to their futures, and lived differently because of it. Imagine a world where the fruit of repentance and the practice of hospitality mark the reputations of Christians for those who do not yet believe that Jesus saves by the very same power that raised him from the grave. Imagine a world where people fear God more than men and serve God more than comfort. Imagine a world where the power of the gospel to change lives is ours to behold. This is the world that the Bible imagines for us. That is the world that Jesus prays for us to create in his name.”

To live out Jesus’ picture we must be Spirit-led and theologically aware of God’s heart for radical hospitality. This series unpacks this reality.



  1. God opens our hearts and houses to greater hospitality.
  2. God shows us our personal barriers keeping us from greater impact.
  3. Our new Hooper Road space is an epicenter for Jesus-driven hospitality.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is fasting?

Fasting is abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose. Jesus said it best in Matthew 5:6 where He said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Fasting is embracing physical hunger to deepen and focus our spiritual hunger.

What is fasting not?

Fasting is not a diet or weight loss plan or a religious act that earns extra favor with God. Fasting doesn’t make us more holy or loved by God, and we don’t fast for physical benefits. Fasting also isn’t abstaining from something other than food like social media or certain forms of entertainment.

What if I have medical concerns about the fast?

Talk to your doctor before you fast. Expectant mothers, diabetics, individuals who struggle with eating disorders, and others who have a history of food-related medical issues can enter into the spirit of the fast while remaining on essential diets. Although fasting is not harmful to many, God does not want us to engage in a physically or emotionally harmful exercise. Use personal discretion and/or consult your doctor on which of the three fasting options is best for you.

Should I hide the fact that I’m fasting? What do I say when people ask why I’m not eating?  

While Jesus said we should fast in secret, His command was focused on the attitude we fast with rather than specific fasting logistics. Jesus spoke against those who used their fasting as a way to appear hyper-spiritual, not those who simply shared why they weren’t eating when their friends asked. If asked, be honest, and use the opportunity to share what God is doing in our church and your life through the fast.

Where can I learn more about fasting?

We’ll post resources and information about the practical and spiritual side of fasting on our social media platforms throughout the fast.

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