Team Culture

Waymaker.Church Team Culture

At Waymaker.Church, we strive to build a culture that is both healthy and God-centered. We are fiercely protective of our culture and champion it often. This is because it shapes our ability to make a way for the new and deeper with Jesus Christ.

Our Church

We make a way for the new and deeper with Jesus Christ. He is the one that rescues and grows us all, so our part is simply influence, to create environments and an overall culture where someone encounters His message and Spirit and has an opportunity to respond.


This vision drives everything we do, because believing and following Jesus renovates our lives with purpose and hope on both a practical and eternal scale. Why wouldn’t we want everyone to realize this same promise? That is why we charge our church to “go make a way” every weekend service, and why we call all who serve in our church world-changers.


All this, plus our core values and beliefs, makes our church and leadership culture a defining one. Ultimately, our church culture is expressed in three key ideas: leadership multiplication, spiritual health, and divine encounters.