At Waymaker.Church, we have a unique calling within the global-historical church.
Our vision is 


We are also called to the following three spiritual pillars:
  • Leadership Multiplication
  • Spiritual Health 
  • Divine Encounters
Through this unique calling, we believe that God is asking us to go after the following vision in the next season of our church.
Through our Epicenter on Hooper Road in Forest, Virginia:
  • We will invite a new and greater outpouring of God’s Spirit in our in-person gatherings, while innovating new ways to parallel this experience to reach our expanding online community.
  • House groups will deepen their focus where people practice sacrificial love for one another and exercise spiritual gifts with maturity and mission.
  • We will lead the way to exponentially call more households to foster and adopt endangered and displaced children into safe homes.
  • Waymaker Institute will shift from startup school to a commissioning center for high character, high capacity leaders who are set up to go the distance and finish well.
  • We will be a credible voice for business and industry leaders who are called to transform the workplace into an environment that makes people and the world look more like heaven.


  • Online viewers will gather to form micro-churches under the covering of Waymaker.Church and live out the vision and values of Waymaker.Church.
  • We will launch an ethnically diverse church in a high-density city in Virginia. 


  • We will create extraordinary, Gospel-inspired art and content that can be shared with the world.
  • We will move from a trip-centric church to a training and commissioning-centric church.  


  • We will cultivate a family ministry culture where kids and students lead gospel awakening at home and school, and then propel this calling into young adulthood.
  • We will be a renowned community for New Testament marriages to form, heal and thrive, so the tide will turn on the family collapse of our times.
  • We will be a community that equally honors singleness as a full and thriving manner to live out the gospel and transform the world.
  • We will be a house that calls everyone to pursue holy sexuality for the good of their souls and all humankind, while compassionately helping anyone who struggles in their pursuit.