God built renewal into the fabric of our world. Since the fall of humankind in Genesis, God has been in the renewal business. We intuitively sense this: we understand that something is wrong in the world and desire a better future. We hope that our lives and our cultures are better tomorrow than they are today. We naturally try to move toward renewal. We attempt this renewal in our human strength, only to see it stagnate and decline. God-centered renewal aligns with God’s plan and pattern to renew us and the world.


This year, we are inviting our church body to journey with us through a 7-day corporate fast during our 2021 vision series. This year, the fast will be in conjunction with Revival Week. We believe that when God’s people give up comfort, in this case food and culture, and gather in His name, He will pour out His presence on us and life-change will happen.

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Every year at Waymaker.Church, we start our year by fasting and praying. What does Biblical fasting look like? Biblical fasting is abstaining from food for a spiritual purpose. Why? Because physical hunger deepens our spiritual hunger. As we start this year, we want to begin by removing distractions and deepening our spiritual hunger, so that we can focus on what it truly means to encounter God with His gathered church. This year, we are also asking everyone to “fast” from cultural norms such as social media, TV, entertainment, etc. so that you can focus on what God has for you during Revival Week.





Abstaining from All Food  
Example: Jesus "ate nothing during those days and at the end of them was hungry" (Luke 4:2)  
Basics: No food and mostly water to drink.




Abstaining from one or two meals a day.  
Basics: Choose a *meal(s) you normally eat and abstain from it once a day during the fasting period.
*If you normally do not eat breakfast or another meal, don’t count that as abstaining. Make a true sacrifice.


Here at Waymaker.Church, we believe that prayer ignites movement. The act of prayer is simple, yet profound. Prayer gives us direct access to our Heavenly Father so that we can hear His heart, come to Him with what is on our minds, and give Him the praise He is due.

Every movement of God has started with people who have gone to God in prayer. We invite you to join with us and take a prayer journey. Come to the Gathering Place in the lobby from 7am-7pm, Monday-Saturday to participate!




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