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Crave: Healthy Eating Recovery Group Saturday Morning Recovery Groups Forest
Crave: Healthy Eating Recovery Group  
Leader: Hope Chambers

This Recovery Group is for those who have experienced challenges with unhealthy eating habits. This group will encourage the participants to reflect on their own food addictions and respond as the Holy Spirit leads. We will be using scripture, Christian literature (Made to Crave by Lisa Terkeurst), and the personal experiences/ health journeys of the leaders to discuss this topic throughout the group.

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Hope During Infertility Recovery Group Monday Evening Waymaker.Church Groups
Hope During Infertility Recovery Group  
Leader: Leigh Anne Myers

Dan and Leigh Anne Myers have been attending Waymaker.Church since 2010 and have been married 7 years. They have served on Host Teams and also Community Groups. Dan is a Golf Pro and Leigh Anne works in Financial Services. The Myers have struggled with infertility for 5 years and feel that God is leading them to journey and support other couples with similar stories.

Hope During Infertility is a Recovery Group designed to support and care for those who are experiencing the grief of infertility as well as associated complications. This group provides an authentic and emotionally safe community for couples and individuals to work through the process of healing together.

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Life's Healing Choices: Substance Abuse (for Men) Sunday Evening Waymaker.Church Groups Fort Hill
Life's Healing Choices: Substance Abuse (for Men)  
Leader: Scott Wardlaw

Life's Healing Choices is a recovery group with a single focus of offering a safe and authentic environment for men working through substance abuse addiction and recovery. A clear gospel oriented atmosphere of care and support will guide men toward deeper levels of growth in their relationship with Jesus as healing is deepened. Group members will journey together through the small group based curriculum, "Life's Healing Choices" by John Baker.

This group will be led by two amazing World Changers at Waymaker.Church. Scott Wardaw is an active World Changer of Waymaker.Church since 2011. Scott dedicates his life to help those in recovery to addictive lifestyles. He has been been married for 23 yrs to the love of his life and has one daughter.
Jon Pfeiffer gives his time and energy to the Counseling Ministry at Waymaker.Church and has been a part of Waymaker.Church family since 2017. His heart passion is to see men walk in freedom to the entanglements of bondage with substance abuse.

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Fort Hill
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Proven Men Monday Evening Waymaker.Church Groups Boonsboro
Proven Men
Leader: Joel Hesch

All men are in the process of gaining or maintaining sexual integrity. Proven Men is a closed-group, 10-week sexual integrity study. It costs $30 for the study. The Group meets on Monday nights from 7-9 pm in the Boonsboro area. All information remains confidential. For details contact

You can register for Proven Men by clicking the link below or by emailing

If at all possible, plan to attend the first night and make attending all meetings a priority. More details about the group and the personal testimony of Joel are at the website: Please journey with us.

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Proven Wives Tuesday Evening Waymaker.Church Groups Forest
Proven Wives
Leader: Lauren McQuillan

Proven Wives is a group for the wives of men who have struggled with sexual integrity. The group will go through new Proven Wives content to guide their discussion and growth.

This group is led by Lauren. Lauren has been married for 12 years and has 3 kids. Her and her husband have learned so much throughout their marriage and she is excited to help guide women to new and deeper levels.

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Proven Women Tuesday Evening Waymaker.Church Groups Forest
Proven Women
Leader: Jess Brown

Proven Women is dedicated to seeing women freed from the bonds of sexual addiction through the passionate pursuit of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Jess Brown, is no stranger to sexual addiction. Although she believed and followed Jesus at a young age, she still became trapped in the bonds of sexual addiction. She knows what it's like to struggle with debilitating shame, guilt, and fear. She rejoices in the healing that God has done in her life and desires for other women to receive the same healing so they may walk in freedom.

Emily is honored to be leading this recovery group. While far from perfect, the Lord has done a redemptive work in her heart to free her from the bonds of sexual sin. She is humbled to now be using her own story to partner with God to usher in freedom for other women in that same struggle. She believes that God has more for His daughters than to remain trapped in sexual sin and bound by shame and she is ready to engage in the battle to take back that territory for His Kingdom.

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