Every family has a mission and core beliefs. God’s mission is to win His family back, and He extends that to us through the call of making disciples. So, in 2022, we are refocusing on showing and telling Jesus to our neighbors and to the nations as it is the foundation of how we worship, serve, learn, grow, and give.

The Year of Family will have three big focuses: Roots, Restore, and Revive. We want to see these in action first in the church family and in our own families and then eventually all the families that Waymaker.Church is trusted to influence.


Families thrive most when they’re rooted in the story of God and the mission of God. His story is unfolded as an invitation throughout the Scriptures. That means we will launch 2022 by taking every man, woman, and child, from ages zero to one hundred, throughout the story of God from Genesis to Revelation.   

Everyone in this house will be able to answer the questions, "Who is God?" and "What is His plan for the world, for my family, and for me?" And those questions get to the root of His mission.He wants the church family and our own families to show and tell Jesus to our neighbors and to the nations.


Any family can lose its way, truth, and life. Any family can fall down or fall apart. And these falls create relational bruises and breaks that pass down family sin cycles and strongholds from one generation to the next. Today, the family almost seems like a cruel joke or a hot mess to so many in our culture. What if all that could change one marriage, one family at a time?    

Waymaker.Church has always had a responsibility to restore marriages and families and future marriages and families back to the gospel. But this year, we believe God is entrusting us with greater responsibility to restore hope in New Testament marriage and family.  Though conferences, counseling, and other environments and relationships, we will help families learn to repent and forgive one another and learn to love and live together in the gospel.


When family restoration happens, revival will soon follow. When God’s family and our families experience revival in the story of God and the mission of God, we cannot help but share Jesus with others. And others cannot help but see Jesus in and all around us.


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