Revival Week 2022 Tuesday Devotional

Intercession: Why Should I Pray?

Have you ever thought about it? For so many of us, prayer can feel like a religious ritual or a personal venting session to God. And while prayer is a time for us to tell God how we feel or a way for us to connect with Him daily, prayer can truly bring life change for those around us.

Intercessory Prayer is prayer that many people may not know that they already do. It is simply praying for someone or something else outside of yourself. It is coming on behalf of that person or situation and praying that God would do something.

In Luke 11 Jesus gives us a picture of how our prayers move God’s heart to action.

Read through Luke 11:5-13

God’s heart is moved by our continual and authentic request to Him



1. Who is a lost person I know who needs salvation?

2. Who is someone I know who needs a move of God in their life?

3. What situation in your family does God need to step into?



1. Ask God to bring salvation to the lost people that you know.

2. Ask God to move in people’s lives who you know.

3. Ask God to move on behalf of your family situation.