Day 9 – The one thing that really matters


Psalm 27

Call to Prayer

Confusing and anxious times lead us to frantically search for information, truth, and a guiding voice we can trust. News outlets and social media are often the loudest voices. But Psalm 27 reminds us that God wants to be our guiding voice.

As you pray, fast, and seek, may you hear the Lord whisper, “Your job is to pursue me. My job is everything else.”

As you turn down every other voice, may you hear God loud and clear. As you lean in, listening for His voice in the Bible and in prayer, may you be flooded with His peace. He is your surrounding protection and provision today.

Today’s Scripture

Psalm 27

Ways to Pray

  • Repent of spending more time looking at the news and social media than in the Word, worship, and prayer. Ask for grace to reverse that balance today.
  • Pour out every fear and worry before God, then use Psalm 27 as a declaration of your fearlessness in God, and His protection for you, His beloved.
  • Use Psalm 27:4 as your prayer and ask God to give you the grace to make Him the one thing in your life.