Day 5 – Desperation won’t drive God away


Psalm 42

A Call to Prayer

Psalm 42 reminds us that our desperation doesn’t drive God away. We can ask Him the hard questions like, “When?” and “Why?”

As you pray today, allow your heart to break over what’s been lost. Allow yourself to grieve the days when praise, thanksgiving, and celebration came easily. Remember the songs you sang and the verses you clung to.

May God fill you with hope as you remember the joy of being in His presence. And may your heart long for His company once more.

Today’s Scripture

Psalm 42

Ways to Pray

  • What does your soul ache to see in your family or community? Share those dreams and desires with God.
  • When’s the last time you were desperate for God’s presence — not His miracles or provision, but His company? If it’s been a while, talk with Him about what changed. Confess if you’ve neglected your relationship and ask for His forgiveness.