Day 37 – Faith that’s undeniable

Call to Prayer

Believers’ boldness makes Christ’s reality undeniable. In Acts 4, we see that clear, true Christ-centered faith has a way of converting the cold and refuting the religious. Not education. Not impressive arguments. Not even our most calculated religious rhetoric. It only takes a few ordinary, emboldened Christians to turn the world around.

As we fast and pray, let’s join with the litany of prayers that have gone before us. Join with the voices of Acts 4:24-30 and believe. Christians, pray for boldness. It’s what we do.

May the Spirit of God overwhelm you with the authority you possess in Christ. May the inheritance of faith passed down for generations fill you with all hope in believing. This is what we were made for.

Today’s Scripture

Acts 4:13-31

Ways to Pray

  • Start by confessing your fears to God. Pour out your doubts. Our good Father wants to meet you in the midst of them.
  • Turn your prayers toward asking to be filled with boldness. God loves to fill a heart that has been emptied before Him (Acts 4:31).
  • Ask God for boldness in the everyday. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see opportunities wherever you go. Ask God to do miracles through you.