Day 33 – Be still and know


Psalm 46

Call to Prayer

Stress, anxiety, and confusion push us into one of two states: paralysis or frantic activity.

In stress, many of us rush and hustle our way to exhaustion. Others are paralyzed with worry, unable to make plans or decisions because of the uncertainty we face.

Psalm 46 gives us good news: God is with you. He is here with you, right now. Although the world is in chaos, God provides peace and gladness. He is our security and our fortress. You can trust Him. He will help.

As you read, pray and fast today, take a moment to breathe and be still. May you relax into a posture of rest and release. May you become more and more aware of God’s nearness and His abiding love for you.

Today’s Scripture

Psalm 46

Ways to Pray

  • Read Psalm 46, changing “our” to “my.” Receive the psalm as a personal encouragement as you remember, “God is my refuge and strength…”
  • Take a moment to sit or kneel in silence, eyes closed, hands in front of you, palms up. Breathe. Be still.
  • Take a moment to repent of control and striving. Release and surrender your life to God again.