Day 31 – God is eager to save you


Psalm 30

Call to Prayer

Psalm 30 declares God is our helper, our redeemer, our healer, our rescuer, and our protector.

We can call to God in our darkest hour. He will hear us and heal us. No longer do we have to strive to heal ourselves. We have a good Father who wants to do it for us.

As you read, pray, and fast, cry out to the Father for help. Cry out for His healing and rescue. Believe that He hears you. May God give you the faith to surrender your struggles and pain to Him. May your darkest hour be flooded with the light of His presence.

Today’s Scripture

Psalm 30

Ways to Pray

  • What are you desperate to be rescued or healed from? Approach God as your Father and ask for help.
  • Recall how God has been your helper, redeemer, healer, rescuer, and protector. Stir your faith by praising Him for how He’s come through for you in the past.
  • Ask God to fill us with awe over His loving kindness and deliverance. May we live as people who know He works all things together for our good.