Day 22 – This is how we fight our battles


1 Peter 5

Call to Prayer

In 1 Peter 5, after setting a high standard for church leaders, Peter instructs everyone to live rooted in humility — something we all need.

Humility has never been more important. In a time of division, humility allows us to become unified. Humility allows us to hear other’s perspectives. Humility comes from knowing we don’t have to fight our own battles, push our own agenda, or make a way for ourselves. We can leave all that to God because He cares for us.

Today, may you know the peace and security that comes from humbling yourself in God. May God restore you. May He confirm and strengthen you. May He establish you, all for the glory of Jesus.

Today’s Scripture

1 Peter 5

Ways to Pray

  • Ask God to help you live in humility today. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you can take the path of greatest humility and serve others.
  • Take a stand against the enemy by submitting to God in prayer and worship.