Day 21 – A call to remain faithful

A Call to Prayer

In Revelation 2:12-17, Jesus encourages the church to remain faithful in the face of the enemy’s schemes. Though we’re in the world, we are not destined to fall into the world’s traps.

As you read, pray, and fast today, may you remain faithful. May you live in the face of uncertainty, resist temptation, and remain uncompromised. In a culture that allures and entangles, may you be steadfast and sure.

May fellowship with Jesus nourish and satisfy you and confirm your identity in Him. May you be an ambassador of the kingdom of light.

Today’s Scripture

Revelation 2:12-17

Ways to Pray

  • Pray to remain steadfast in the face of uncertainty and temptation.
  • Pray for opportunities to encourage the faithfulness of others.
  • Pray that our church never compromises the Gospel.