Day 11 – What’s driving your sacrifice?

Call to Prayer

Isaiah 1:11-20 reminds us that God does not delight in vain exhibitions of religion. He is after our hearts. Has your personal time with God become boring or routine? Have Sunday gatherings become a way to display your faith rather than an opportunity to worship God?

As you read, pray, and fast today, may you become attuned to God’s heart. Repent of any empty expressions of faith and know the deep, personal intimacy of true fellowship with God. May your worship be pleasing and acceptable to God. And may your prayers lead to action.

Praise the Lord who cleanses us from every sin!

Today’s Scripture

Isaiah 1:11-20

Ways to Pray

  • Ask God if there are any empty expressions of religion in your life.
  • Pray that this time would cause your heart to turn again toward God and that you’d know deep intimacy with Him.
  • Pray that future Sunday gatherings would be marked by the presence of God.
  • Ask God for opportunities to do good, seek justice, correct oppression, and bring justice in your circles of influence.