Day 1 – First, we grieve

Call to Prayer

Future generations will hear of 2020 and be amazed. Through this time of strife and disease, God is calling His people back to Him in full surrender.

Today, grieve over sin and its effects. Repent and return to the Lord. Cultivate desperation for God to move in your life and in our land like never before. As you read, pray, and fast, may you be filled with intimate knowledge of God. May you be awakened to His holy presence and disciplined by His truth. May we know what it means to be the people of God.

Today’s Scripture

Joel 1

Ways to Pray

  • Grieve and repent over any personal prayerlessness, complacency, or pride.
  • Ask God to awaken His bride, the Church — that we’d be desperate to see Him move.
  • Ask God what you need to do today to be fully surrendered to Him.